The International CALL Research Conferences (previously known as Antwerp CALL conferences) focus on the role of technology in language learning and teaching. They are being organized by the editor, associate editors and editorial board of Computer Assisted Language Learning (Taylor and Francis) in close collaboration with a local host.

“Transitions in CALL”

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The International CALL Research Conferences aim to:

  • promote CALL as a transdisciplinary endeavour and thereby contribute to the elaboration and dissemination of CALL theory.
  • stimulate the CALL community worldwide, especially (post)graduate students.
  • inspire language education in diverse contexts.
  • build bridges between cultures.
  • support colleagues in challenging political contexts.

The conferences welcome contributions from interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary perspectives (pedagogy, technology, linguistics and psychology) with a view to discussing as a community the multiplicity of challenges associated with the conference theme. This theme, chosen by the Programme Committee, is mostly a narrow, rather specialized, but transversal topic. This means that all CALL researchers and practitioners are always confronted one way or another with the proposed theme.